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Volunteer in South Africa

Experience the adventure of a lifetime by becoming a volunteer in South Africa. Our volunteer programs in Cape Town South Africa offer you the opportunity to create your own schedule in the most rewarding and impactful volunteering projects. In South Africa, we have 5 different volunteering and cultural immersion projects available. You can choose your own project, and combine different projects and create your own tailor-made unique program. Volunteering in South Africa is an incredible experience that can teach you a lot about the country and its culture.

volunteer mexico

Create Your Own Unique Schedule In South Africa!

With the freedom to choose your own unique schedule as you want week by week. With us, you have the power to create your own tailor-made volunteer program that aligns with your passions and interests. You have the flexibility to start any Monday and stay for anywhere between one to twelve weeks.

If you are a passionate volunteer with a heart for nurturing young minds and an eagerness to transform lives in Mexico, then these programs are tailor-made for you. With a focus on early childhood education, these opportunities provide an ideal platform for you to channel your enthusiasm and create a positive impact on the lives of the little ones in this beautiful country.

Location: Cape Town. South Africa
Start Dates: Start every Monday
Duration: 1 week – 12 weeks

Welcome to South Africa

Cape Town, nestled along the southwestern coast of South Africa, is a city steeped in captivating history and breathtaking landscapes. Its story begins centuries ago when Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias first set foot on its shores in 1488, marking the beginning of its significance as a crucial stop on the trade routes to the East. Later, the Dutch established a refreshment station here in the mid-17th century, shaping Cape Town into a vital hub for ships traveling between Europe and Asia.

This coastal gem carries a profound historical importance, witnessing pivotal events like the arrival of the British, the struggles of apartheid, and the subsequent fight for freedom led by iconic figures like Nelson Mandela. Robben Island, just off the coast, served as a prison for political dissidents, including Mandela, etching its place in the city’s narrative of resilience and change.

Cape Town is a melting pot of diverse cultures, showcasing a vibrant tapestry woven from its indigenous roots, European influence, and the traditions of the Cape Malay community. The city’s current population of over 4 million people reflects this rich diversity, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere that celebrates its heritage through festivals, music, art, and cuisine.

Today, Cape Town’s economy thrives on various sectors, including tourism, finance, manufacturing, and tech industries. The bustling Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is a testament to its economic vibrancy, offering a blend of entertainment, shopping, and dining experiences. Speaking of dining, Cape Town’s gastronomy is a delightful fusion of flavors, from traditional African dishes like bobotie and pap to international cuisines served in trendy restaurants, making it a paradise for food enthusiasts.

Cape Town’s allure lies not only in its stunning natural beauty, with Table Mountain looming majestically over the city, but also in its captivating history, diverse culture, thriving economy, and delectable culinary scene, beckoning travelers to explore and savor the essence of this enchanting destination.

Why Join With Abroad Escape

Abroad Escape is committed to providing you with the highest-quality and most meaningful travel experiences possible. With our international volunteer abroad projects and immersion internships, you’ll have the chance to make a real impact in the lives of local communities. With our immersive volunteer programs, you’ll have the chance to engage with local communities and make a real impact in the lives of those around you. But that’s not all – you’ll also be creating lifelong friendships with fellow international travelers who share your passion for travel and making a positive impact.



Years Experience

We are Loved ♥️ by our Trusted Customers



I volunteered in with Abroad Escape, which was definitely the best trip and the best experience of my life!



The program was a great experience for me. The kids I taught were very smart and happy. They were very willing to learn which was amazing.



I had an amazing time in volunteering. I was happy with the whole experience and would love to go back in the future!

Your Arrival

Get ready for a warm welcome to Mexico! Your adventure begins the moment you arrive, with our airport pick-up at Cape Town International Airport (CPT) on Sunday at 10:00, 14:00 and 17:00.

To ensure a smooth transition, we’ll provide you with all the necessary arrival and contact details when you book your program. If you would be arriving earlier than Sunday then talk to our helpful support team so we can help you with that. The local team will be waiting for you, ready to transfer you to your accommodation where you’ll meet fellow volunteers from around the world.

Your Orientation

On Monday, our experienced coordinator will lead an exciting orientation session. This is your chance to get comfortable with your surroundings and dive into the local culture, while also receiving important health and safety advice.

During the orientation, you’ll receive a comprehensive introduction to your program, accommodations, and the exciting projects that await. Plus, you’ll learn all the do’s and don’ts of local customs, giving you a head start on immersing yourself in the rich and vibrant culture of Mexico.


  • Introduction meeting, House rules, Setting Expectations,
  • Health and Safety Advice and handling of documents.
  • Mexican Do’s and Don’ts, Mexican Culture Lessons and basic survival Spanish/Mayan Language Lessons.
  • Tour around the compound and local area; where to find local shops, and arrange a sim-card if necessary.

Your Accommodation

Your accommodation is included in your package from Sunday night until Saturday morning of your last week, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable place to call home throughout your journey.

During your stay, you’ll reside with our host family nestled in the safe confines of Strandfontein Village, Cape Town. You’ll be staying in shared rooms with other volunteers, giving you the perfect opportunity to make lifelong friends from around the globe. You’ll be accommodated in single-gender dorm-style rooms, ensuring maximum comfort and privacy.

But that’s not all – we’ve got your meals covered too! You’ll enjoy three delicious meals per day from Monday to Friday, and two meals per day on weekends.


Our projects in Mexico. You can choose which project you day week by week and create your own unique schedule in Mexico!

Culture Week

Explore the vibrant cultural tapestry of Cape Town with our Culture Week Program, an immersive journey inviting you to delve into the heart of the city’s heritage.

This experience blends education, cultural immersion, and community engagement, offering a carefully curated schedule. Uncover hidden gems, forge connections with local communities, and make a lasting impact through your efforts. Get ready to embrace Cape Town’s diverse cultures in an enriching adventure!

Embark on an extraordinary venture with our Culture Week Program in Cape Town—a captivating odyssey crafted to transcend the ordinary. Delve into the intricate tapestry of the city’s culture, where each day unfolds as a vivid chapter in an immersive story. From introductions that acquaint you with fellow participants and essential guidelines to cultural insights and language lessons, immerse yourself in the essence of Cape Town’s diverse heritage.

Prepare for a kaleidoscope of experiences as history comes alive through visits to iconic landmarks like the Mandela Museum and Archbishop Desmond Tutu Museum. Engage with the poignant narratives of The Castle and The Slave Lodge, stroll through the serene Company Gardens, and conquer the breathtaking Table Mountain for panoramic vistas that encapsulate Cape Town’s natural splendor.

Yet, beyond exploration, the program transcends by fostering a spirit of meaningful contribution. Experience the warmth and resilience of local communities through a township tour, engaging conversations that bridge cultures, and a deeper understanding of South Africa’s journey to freedom. This week-long adventure concludes in the lively Bo-Kaap neighborhood, ensuring an enduring experience of cultural exploration and profound connections

Add-on: +Learning
There is no +Learning add-on available for this program.

Aims & Objectives
Comprehensive Cultural Immersion and cross-Cultural Understanding.
Start the day with breakfast at the accommodation.
Commence the day with an introduction meeting covering house rules, setting expectations, health and safety advice, and a comprehensive review of essential documents like the Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy, and Media Consent forms.
Immerse into South African history, engage in lessons about Afrikaans culture, explore important do’s and don’ts, and indulge in basic Afrikaans language lessons.
Enjoy lunch at the accommodation.
The coordinator will facilitate a guided tour to familiarize participants with the surrounding area, including key spots like supermarkets, ATMs, and currency exchange centers, and arrange for local SIM cards if necessary.
Experience the picturesque Muizenberg beach.
Conclude the day with a delightful dinner at the accommodation.
Begin the day with a satisfying breakfast.
Explore the ‘Mandela Museum’ and delve into the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.
Visit the ‘Archbishop Desmond Tutu Museum’ to learn about his influential contributions.
Enjoy a fulfilling picnic lunch.
Discover the historical significance of “The Castle” and then “The Slave Lodge”.
Explore the serene “Company Gardens”.
Conclude the day with a delicious dinner.
Start the day with breakfast.
Embark on an invigorating hike up Table Mountain.
Recharge with a satisfying picnic lunch.
Engage in a Capetonian cooking lesson, learning local culinary traditions.
Savor a delightful dinner.
Begin the day with breakfast.
Gain insight into local communities with a Township Tour.
Enjoy a picnic lunch.
Explore the Long March to Freedom, tracing South Africa’s historical journey.
Conclude the day with dinner.
Kick off the day with a wholesome breakfast.
Experience the vibrant Bo-Kaap through a captivating walking tour.
Shop for souvenirs to cherish the memories
Enjoy lunch
Dive into another Capetonian cooking lesson.
Conclude the week with a delightful dinner.
***The schedule & timings can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances***

Starting Dates
During 2024
Jan 1st

Feb 5th

Mar 4th

April 1st

May 6th

Jun 3rd

Jul 1st

Aug 5th

Sep 2nd

Oct 7th

Nov 4th

Dec 2nd

During 2025
Jan 6th

Feb 3rd

Mar 3rd

Apr 7th

May 5th

Jun 2nd

Jul 7th

Aug 4th

Sep 1st

Oct 6th

Nov 3rd

Dec 1st

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.


Embark on a transformative journey in Cape Town as a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant for Early Child Development.

Dive into a world of compassion and education, empowering underprivileged children aged 2-4 years. Create a positive impact through inclusive education, igniting curiosity, and nurturing young minds. Join a vibrant community and shape a brighter future. This is an opportunity to make a lasting difference and experience the beauty of Cape Town’s culture.

Welcome to a transformative journey of compassion and education in the heart of Cape Town! Our Kindergarten Teaching Assistant program for Early Child Development invites you to be the guiding light in the lives of underprivileged children from diverse backgrounds. Nestled within the vibrant community of Mitchell’s Plain, this program is a chance to make an indelible impact on young minds and break the cycle of poverty. Join us in creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where every child, aged 2-4 years, is valued, inspired, and empowered to reach their full potential.

As a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant, you’ll play a pivotal role in crafting engaging lessons, fostering creativity, and nurturing holistic development. Supported by experienced teachers, you’ll immerse yourself in play-based learning, interactive activities, and personalized support for children who need it most. Your dedication will not only unlock the immense potential within each child but also contribute to a community striving for social upliftment and educational empowerment.

Beyond the classroom, Cape Town’s enchanting landscapes and vibrant energy await. Immerse yourself in a dynamic city where rugged mountains meet pristine beaches, and cultural richness abounds. This program isn’t just about making a difference; it’s an opportunity to embrace a new way of life, forge lifelong memories, and be a catalyst for positive change. Join us in Cape Town, where every act of kindness sparks transformation and education paves the way to a brighter future!

Your Role – General Information

As a participant in the Kindergarten Teaching Assistant program for Early Child Development, your role is crucial in creating a nurturing and engaging learning environment for the children. With your dedication and passion, you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on their educational journey and overall well-being. You are expected to participate in the program for a minimum of 5 hours a day.

Here are some key responsibilities and aspects of your role:

Assist in Lesson Planning and Preparation: Collaborate with the class teacher in developing lesson plans and preparing teaching materials. Your input and creativity will contribute to creating engaging and effective lessons tailored to the children’s needs and interests.
Provide Support to Individual Students: Some children may require extra support to complete tasks or grasp certain concepts. Your role will involve working closely with these students, offering guidance, encouragement, and personalized assistance to help them overcome challenges and reach their full potential.
Teach Specialized Subjects: Under the guidance of the teacher, you may have the opportunity to lead classes in specialized subjects. Whether it’s teaching basic life skills, English, Math, or other subjects, your expertise and passion will inspire the children and ignite their love for learning.
Support Classroom Activities: Assist local teachers in various classroom activities, such as group projects, interactive games, and hands-on experiments. Your involvement will enhance the learning experience and foster a collaborative atmosphere within the classroom.
Create Engaging Activities: Infuse excitement and joy into the learning process by designing fun and interactive activities. Through story-telling, singing, dancing, and other creative approaches, you will captivate the children’s attention and make the educational journey a truly enjoyable one.
Regular Evaluation and Assessment: Continuously assess the progress of the children, keeping track of their development and identifying areas where additional support may be required. Your observations and insights will contribute to the overall evaluation process and help tailor future teaching strategies.
Aims & Objectives
Improve children’s educational prospects, particularly by learning the English language from scratch.
Provide learning tools that empower students to create a better future for themselves.
As participants gain invaluable and practical experience in this teaching environment.
Cross-cultural exchange experiences for both locals and visitors.
Assist the school and local staff and be a part of the day-to-day culture and society in Cape Town.
Add-on: +Learning
There is no +Learning add-on available for this program.

Monday to Friday

Following breakfast at the accommodation, you’ll proceed to the program site where the coordinator. Throughout the day, you’ll follow the program coordinator’s guidance, have a packed lunch, and seamlessly adapt to meet the daily requirements of the children.

After concluding the day’s program activities, you’ll head back to the accommodation, where a communal dinner will be served promptly around 1900hrs for all participants.

*** Timings will be outlined during the induction and training session on the program’s first day. The schedule remains flexible to accommodate the children’s needs, align with program goals, and adapt to weather conditions, local factors, and unforeseen circumstances.***

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.


Assist teachers in class at a primary school in a suburb on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Be around children from various backgrounds and help them to achieve their full potential in the academic area of their lives. Encourage education in the class by creating innovative learning experiences while assisting the teachers in the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

Embark on a transformative journey with our Teaching Assistant initiative in Cape Town, South Africa. Designed to empower underprivileged communities, this program supports local educators in schools serving disadvantaged children. As a Teaching Assistant, you’ll collaborate closely with teachers, providing crucial support in subjects like Math, English, History, and Science, aiming to enhance students’ literacy, numeracy, and communication skills.

Beyond traditional teaching, foster an environment that nurtures creativity and holistic development. Engage in extracurricular activities like art, music, sports, and drama, enriching the educational experience for eager learners. Your role extends beyond the classroom, guiding and motivating students toward knowledge and progress.

This program offers more than teaching—it invites cultural immersion and personal growth. Begin with an orientation into Capetonian culture and history. During weekdays, support classrooms, prepare lessons, and actively participate in school activities, creating a fulfilling experience while positively impacting resilient young lives.

Your Role – General Information
As a Teaching Assistant, you’ll play a pivotal role in supporting local educators and uplifting underprivileged communities. The commitment requires participating in the program for a cumulative duration of 5 hours each day.

Beyond traditional teaching responsibilities, your role encompasses a diverse array of impactful duties and experiences:

Collaborative Support: Work closely with local teachers to assist in classroom activities and lesson planning. Your collaborative efforts will reinforce subjects like Math, English, History, Science, and more, aiming to enhance students’ literacy, numeracy, and communication skills.
Holistic Development: Embrace a comprehensive approach to education by engaging in extracurricular activities such as art, music, sports, and drama. These initiatives are vital in nurturing creativity, teamwork, and overall personal growth among the students.
Guidance and Motivation: Provide guidance, motivation, and fresh perspectives to enthusiastic learners. Your presence and dedication will positively impact the lives of resilient young individuals, empowering them to strive for knowledge and progress.
Personal Growth: Beyond the classroom, this opportunity is a journey of personal growth. Engage in this transformative experience that allows you to broaden your horizons, embrace new perspectives, and contribute meaningfully to the development of future generations.
Weekday Engagements: Your weekdays will be filled with actively assisting in classrooms, preparing engaging lessons, and participating in school activities. This hands-on approach ensures a fulfilling experience while positively shaping the lives of the students
Aims & Objectives
Empower underprivileged communities through educational support, emphasizing literacy and communication skills.
Promote holistic development by going beyond academics, focusing on creativity and teamwork in extracurricular activities.
Add-on: +Learning
There is no +Learning add-on available for this program.

Monday to Friday
Breakfast at the accommodation
Join a teacher meeting to plan for the day and teaching assistant program
Lunch break (packed lunch)
Cont. on Teaching Assistant program and prepare lessons or activities for the following day
Dinner at the accommodation
*** This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances ***

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Cheetah Conservation

A rare insight into animal care and working towards the conservation and rehabilitation of cheetahs in South Africa.

You will be able to contribute to this massive undertaking while also learning about the species and contributing to conservation practices as part of your program

Once found throughout most of Africa and much of Asia, the cheetah has suffered a dramatic decline in numbers, is now found in a fraction of its former range, and is almost extinct in Asia. Cheetahs live primarily in grasslands and benefit the ecosystem by keeping the animals they hunt in healthy populations. They typically hunt the weakest and slowest of several species of animals.

If cheetahs no longer existed, there would be a domino effect referred to as a trophic cascade. Too many herbivores would result in a loss of vegetation, increased soil erosion, less available water, and a negative impact on the ecosystem’s health.

Cheetahs used to roam almost the entire African continent as well as into Asia, from the Arabian Peninsula to eastern India. Today, cheetahs are found in only 23 percent of their historic African range and are extinct in Asia except for a small population in Iran of about 50 individuals. In 2022, eight cheetahs were relocated from Namibia to India in an attempt to save the species from extinction.

Start your day with the roar of a big cat and end it surrounded by people who share your love and passion for animals. Work closely with a local organization that rehabilitates captive-born and bred Cheetahs and releases them back into the wild to help prevent further decline of the Cheetah population. Improve cheetah conservation and reverse population declines. We will achieve our goal by delivering impacts that are critical to the successful, long-term, and landscape-scale conservation of cheetahs. Get an incredible opportunity to learn about this amazing species while helping to ensure its survival on the planet.

During your program, you will be involved in various activities of the project site, including,

Food preparation and feeding (Please keep in mind you will work with raw meat)
Cleaning of camps and refilling of the water bowls
Creating enrichment for the animals
Educating the public by assisting staff with certain tours
Carrying out own guided tours (If English level is sufficient)
Take part in group activities
Maintenance and inspection of camps
If you stay a minimum of 4 weeks at the project, you will have the unique opportunity to participate in the releasing program, which is done in partnership with a local reserve.

By releasing new bloodlines of cheetahs into the protected wild, it helps to increase the genetic lineages to effectively strengthen the wild Cheetah population. The whole process is strictly regulated and involves a lot of research.

Cheetah Release Program
You will assist the local team in releasing cheetahs that have been rehabilitated and are ready to return to the wild. If you gain sufficient knowledge and training from the project, you will be able to participate in this program. This is for participants who stay with the Cheetah conservation program for more than four weeks. The project team will determine who will participate in the release events based solely on your performance and learning during your program. There are no additional fees for this portion of the program; you will only be responsible for your transportation (either a flight or a bus) to the reserve.

If you stay for more than four weeks, you are eligible for the Release program. However, the Cheetah Release activity is optional and can only be offered depending on the needs of the conservation project. It may not be available throughout the year.

Aims & Objectives
The project’s goal is to rehabilitate captive-raised cheetahs who are unrelated to animals in the Cheetah Metapopulation and then release them into the wild (protected areas) once they are deemed fit for survival.

Add-on: +Learning
There is no +Learning add-on available for this program.

Monday to Friday
Typical working hours at the project are from 05:00 AM – 5:00 PM and your daily tasks and responsibilities will include.

Key Species Monitoring
Cheetah Conservation
Road and dam maintenance
Bush clearing
Foundation Support
Trip to town / Off / Game Drive
Boma maintenance
Fence maintenance
Spekboom Planting
***This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.***

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Mexico Holidays 2024

1 January New Year’s Day
5 February Constitution Day
18 March Benito Juarez Day
28 March Holy Thursday
29 March Good Friday
1 May Labor Day
5 May Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla
16 September Independence Day
12 October Day of the Race
2 November All Souls’ Day
18 November Revolution Day
12 December Lady of Guadalupe Day
25 December Christmas Day

School Holidays
April 3 – 14, 2024 (Tentative) Holy Week
March 25 to April 08 2024 Easter Holidays
July 16 to August 28 2024 Summer Holidays
Teaching & Kindergarten will be replaced with Community Teaching

* Holidays can be added or changed according to government, schools, and project decisions

Program Prices

1 Week: 685 Euro / 760 US$
2 Weeks: 935 Euro / 995 US$

3 Weeks: 1250 Euro / 1330 US$
4 Weeks: 1565 Euro / 1665 US$
+1 Week: 365 Euro / 405 US$

* Culture Week, Construction & Adventure have an extra fee of 70 Euro/80 US$ per week

With us there are NO registration or administration fees!
Plus you can easily combine the different projects.

What’s included:
Volunteer program
24/7 in-country support
In-country program orientation
Pre-departure support
Airport pick-up

Not included:
visa, flight, travel insurance, vaccinations, criminal background check, return trip to the airport, 5% international banking fee

Requirements to join:
– Participants need to be minimum 18 years old
– Participants under 16 need to join with a parent/guardian
– Participants aged 16 to 18 need to have parental consent
– Participants are required to provide a criminal background check (if unable to obtain a criminal background check, you can provide two character reference letters instead)
– Participants are required to have their own travel insurance
– You need to be able to speak and understand at least basic English

How to Book

Fill out the online Application Form

We give you outcome within 48 hours

Book your program by paying a deposit

Frequently Asked Questions Mexico

When should I start to apply?

It is best to apply as early as possible as we have limited placements available in our programs, especially during summer.

You can apply up to 1 year in the future to guarantee your placement.

We do however accept late applications up to 2 weeks before the start date, let us know and we will check the availability for you!

How long does the application process take?

Very fast with us! You fill out the application form, and we go to work for you within hours! For most placements, you will get an answer within 1-2 days.

Can I get a certificate after the program?

Yes, we will provide you with the Certificate after the successful completion of the program. This certificate is provided on request, so just let us know if you would like this!

How does my airport pickup work?

Your airport pick-up is included, and we will arrange this for you on Sunday.

Can I volunteer with a friend or a group?

Yes you can! We can organize your program together with a friend, just let us know this in the comment section on the application form.

We can also organize. a family trip or a group, jst contact us, and we will be happy to help you!

How many hours per day do I volunteer?

Volunteers usually work for about 4 to 6 hours a day depending on their program type, and there can also be extra preparation time.

You have the weekend off so you can explore the area, go traveling, or just chill and relax on weekends.

Any More Questions?

We’re always here to help. Get in touch now!

Testimonial Sarah Snook

A testimonial from Sarah Snook the famous Hollywood actress who joined our volunteer program.