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Volunteer in Fiji

Volunteer in Fiji with Abroad Escape! Experience the adventure of a lifetime by becoming a volunteer in Fiji. Our volunteer programs in Fiji offer you the opportunity to create your own schedule in the most rewarding and impactful volunteering projects in wonderful Fiji.

Create Your Own Unique Schedule In Fiji!

With the freedom to choose your own unique schedule as you want week by week. With us, you have the power to create your own tailor-made volunteer program that aligns with your passions and interests. You have the flexibility to start any Monday and stay for anywhere between one to twelve weeks.

If you are a passionate volunteer with a heart for nurturing young minds and an eagerness to transform lives in Fiji, then these programs are tailor-made for you. With a focus on early childhood education, these opportunities provide an ideal platform for you to channel your enthusiasm and create a positive impact on the lives of the little ones in this beautiful country.

You can also join as a family or as a group. Contact us for more details.

Location: Coral Coast, Fiji
Start Dates: Start every Monday
Duration: 1 week – 12 weeks

volunteer luang prabang laos

Welcome to Fiji

Embark on an extraordinary journey along the mesmerizing Coral Coast, a breathtaking stretch of shoreline that weaves its way between the enchanting towns of Sigatoka and Suva, on the captivating island of Viti Levu in Fiji. Brace yourself for a true tropical paradise, where azure waters caress the powdery beaches and lush vegetation dances in harmony with the gentle ocean breeze.

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of this coastal wonderland, for it holds the key to unforgettable experiences and awe-inspiring sights. Nestled along this coastal tapestry, you’ll discover a collection of exquisite resorts, each one a gateway to blissful moments and unforgettable memories. From luxurious havens dotting the coastline to secluded islands just a stone’s throw away, the Coral Coast boasts a wealth of accommodations, beckoning you to surrender to its charm.

Indulge in the serenity of pristine beaches, where time seems to stand still as you bask in the warm embrace of the Fijian sun. Dive into crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life, as you explore coral reefs that rival nature’s most magnificent artwork. Unleash your adventurous spirit with thrilling water sports or immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous Fijian communities that call this coastal wonderland home.

As you journey along the Coral Coast, let its enchantment sweep you away, offering a tantalizing blend of tranquility, adventure, and unparalleled beauty. Embrace the allure of Fiji’s most captivating tourist area, and let your senses be heightened by the wonders that await around every corner. The Coral Coast is your gateway to an extraordinary realm where dreams come alive and cherished memories are etched into your heart forever.

Your Arrival

Get ready for a warm welcome to Fiji! Your adventure begins the moment you arrive, with our airport pick-up on Sunday. To ensure a smooth transition, we’ll provide you with all the necessary arrival and contact details when you book your program. The local team will be waiting for you, ready to transfer you to your accommodation where you’ll meet fellow volunteers from around the world.

Your Orientation

On Monday, our experienced coordinator will lead an exciting orientation session. This is your chance to get comfortable with your surroundings and dive into the local culture, while also receiving important health and safety advice.

During the orientation, you’ll receive a comprehensive introduction to your program, accommodations, and the exciting projects that await. Plus, you’ll learn all the do’s and don’ts of local customs, giving you a head start on immersing yourself in the rich and vibrant culture of Fiji.

Your Accommodation

Your accommodation is included in your package from Sunday night until Saturday morning of your last week, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable place to call home throughout your journey.

You’ll be staying in shared rooms with other volunteers, giving you the perfect opportunity to make lifelong friends from around the globe. And don’t worry about gender issues, we’ve got that covered too! You’ll be accommodated in single-gender dorm-style rooms, ensuring maximum comfort and privacy.

If you want to have a single room, then this is available at an extra cost. There is limited availability for single rooms so please contact us for this.

But that’s not all – we’ve got your meals covered too! You’ll enjoy three delicious meals per day from Monday to Friday, and two meals per day on weekends. Plus, if you’re a vegetarian, no problem! We can vegetarian meals for you.

Fiji Programs

You can choose which project you day week by week and create your own unique schedule in Fiji!

Cultural Experience in Fiji

Come on an incredible adventure to the enchanting island paradise of Fiji! Get ready to immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of its pristine beaches and bask in the warmth of the locals, who will welcome you with open arms and hearts overflowing with love and hospitality.

Fiji, a place where happiness knows no bounds, will captivate your soul. Everywhere you turn, you’ll witness a captivating blend of vibrant culture and untouched nature that leaves an indelible mark on your spirit. From the tantalizing flavors of the food to the exhilarating festivities, age-old rituals, and mesmerizing arts, Fiji will envelop you in its embrace, ensuring an experience that transcends your wildest dreams.

To truly embrace the essence of Fiji, venture to Sigatoka, a place where the soul of this captivating country beats strongest. Here, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to familiarize yourself with the rich culture and the beautiful souls that call Fiji home. Throughout the week, we’ll be your guide, sharing valuable insights on safety, transportation, and the unspoken do’s and don’ts that will make your journey even more memorable.

As you explore Fiji, you’ll discover its unique identity woven into the fabric of its various crafts, traditional etiquette, and local architecture. Each brushstroke tells a story of a vibrant culture that has evolved over time, inviting you to become a part of its narrative. Prepare to be honored with an invitation to join a captivating kava ceremony during your stay, where traditions come alive and lifelong friendships are forged. It’s a remarkable opportunity to delve deeper into the heart and soul of this remarkable nation.

Take the plunge and uncover the hidden treasures of Fiji. Delight in the vibrant atmosphere of Fijian markets, where colors and scents intertwine in a symphony of sensory bliss. Discover the art of weaving through an immersive class, where skilled hands guide you through the creation of something truly unique. Immerse yourself in the melodious rhythms of the Fijian language and the tantalizing flavors of their cuisine as you join a cooking class. Along the way, you’ll learn about the inspiring projects that shape the lives of the Fijian people.

This extraordinary week will whisk you away on a whirlwind of adventure, with three days dedicated to immersing yourself in Fijian culture and its breathtaking surroundings. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow participants, sharing laughter and stories that transcend borders. And as the week unfolds, the final two days will lead you to your chosen project, where you’ll embark on meaningful work that leaves an indelible impact on the lives of those you encounter.

So, my friend, pack your sense of wonder, curiosity, and an open heart as we embark on this exhilarating journey together. Fiji awaits, ready to unveil its hidden gems and welcome you into its vibrant embrace. Get ready to create lifelong memories, ignite your soul, and discover the extraordinary wonders that lie within this island paradise.


Get ready for an action-packed week from Monday to Friday, filled with exhilarating experiences that will leave you breathless and longing for more. Here’s a sneak peek at the incredible highlights that await you:

We’ll kick off the adventure with an immersive introduction to the captivating culture and warm-hearted people of Fiji. Get ready to be amazed as we delve into the depths of what makes this island nation so unique and enchanting.

Safety and transportation are key, so we’ll make sure to provide you with valuable sessions on the do’s and don’ts, ensuring your journey is not only exciting but also secure.

Our first stop is Sigatoka, a vibrant town that will introduce you to the beating heart of Fiji. You’ll have the chance to explore the streets, soak in the local atmosphere, and perhaps even uncover hidden gems that only the locals know.

Immerse yourself in the art of weaving as you attend a captivating class led by skilled artisans. Unleash your creativity and witness firsthand the intricacies that go into creating stunning traditional Fijian crafts.

Expand your horizons even further as you participate in a lively class where you’ll learn the melodious Fijian language and the secrets behind mouthwatering Fijian cuisine. Get ready to unleash your inner chef and savor the flavors that have been passed down through generations.

An extraordinary highlight of your journey will be the unforgettable experience of a traditional Fijian welcome ceremony, known as the “Kava Ceremony.” Prepare to be immersed in the rich customs and rituals that have been a part of Fijian culture for centuries. It’s a moment where time seems to stand still as you connect with the roots of this incredible land.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! Our cultural exchange session will give you the opportunity to share your own culture with fellow participants from around the world. It’s a chance to forge friendships that transcend borders, as you learn, laugh, and create lasting memories together.

Finally, get ready to roll up your sleeves and make a real difference. Visit your project placement sites, where you’ll have the chance to dive into meaningful work that contributes to the betterment of the Fijian community. Prepare to be inspired as you witness firsthand the positive impact your efforts will have on the lives of those you encounter.

So, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a week of adventure, discovery, and unforgettable moments. From weaving classes to language lessons, cultural exchanges to project visits, Fiji is calling you to embark on an extraordinary journey that will leave an indelible mark on your soul. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of this remarkable nation and create memories that will last a lifetime.

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Kindergarten in Fiji

Get ready for an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in the lives of tiny toddlers in the stunning island country of Fiji. We’re calling all creative souls with a passion for teaching to join us on this incredible journey!

Picture yourself surrounded by enthusiastic Fijian children, aged 4 to 6, eager to meet and learn from foreign nationals like yourself. Their kindergarten schools, lovingly crafted by our past participants, provide a beautiful setting for your teaching adventure. Prepare to create lifelong memories and form lasting bonds with these bright young minds.

Fiji is a country in dire need of external support, especially when it comes to its younger population. This journey will take you beyond the typical tourist path, allowing you to experience life in both rural and urban areas, unveiling the stark differences that exist. In the villages, where contact with the outside world is limited, you will become a beacon of hope and connection.

Your presence in the classroom will not only give these children a chance to form relationships with someone from another culture, but it will also provide the teachers with the opportunity to learn new teaching methods and techniques. As you assist the regular school teachers, there’s no need to worry about having a formal teaching background. Your enthusiasm and willingness to lend a helping hand are what truly matter.

Kindergarten class sizes in Fiji can be quite large, making it challenging for local staff to give each child the attention they deserve. That’s where you come in. Your role will be to nurture and care for the children, offering them the individualized attention they crave. This is also the perfect chance for you to tap into your own skills and interests. Whether you’re a master of arts and crafts or an expert in teaching games and songs, your suggestions will be warmly welcomed. Show your initiative and passion, and the possibilities are endless.

Together, we’ll work towards achieving the goals set out in the Kindergarten Plan. You’ll have the opportunity to run educational games and engaging group activities, providing emotional support and improving the quality of life for those in deprived communities. Teaching basic English, planning activities for better understanding, playing games with the children, organizing dynamic and age-appropriate tasks, developing conversation skills—the list goes on. Every moment spent with these incredible kids will be a chance to ignite their curiosity and foster their love for learning.

So, pack your bags, bring your creativity, and get ready for an adventure that will touch hearts and transform lives. Fiji is waiting to welcome you with open arms, and the little ones are eager to share precious moments with you. Join us on this journey and create a lasting impact through the power of education and love.


As the sun rises on another exciting day, you’ll begin your fulfilling journey at the local kindergarten, where a world of wonder awaits. At 9 in the morning, it’s time to dive into your scheduled work, ready to embark on a joyous session with the vibrant little souls who eagerly await your arrival.

But first, don’t forget to bring along the educational materials that you and your fellow participants lovingly prepared the day before. These resources will serve as valuable tools in sparking the children’s curiosity and igniting their thirst for knowledge. Brace yourself for the sheer delight on their faces as they embark on a journey of discovery, embracing new concepts and soaking up every bit of information you share.

The clock ticks away, and by noon, it’s time to recharge and refuel with a scrumptious lunch served at our center. Share stories, laughter, and delectable meals with your fellow participants, reminiscing about the incredible moments shared with the children. Take a moment to savor the camaraderie and the sense of purpose that unites you all.

As the afternoon unfolds, an exciting task awaits. It’s time to prepare lesson plans for the following day, ensuring that each moment spent with the children is filled with engaging activities and meaningful learning experiences. Let your creativity run wild as you brainstorm innovative ways to captivate their imaginations and leave an indelible mark on their young hearts.

Remember, this is more than just a schedule—it’s an opportunity to shape young minds, to plant seeds of knowledge that will blossom into a lifelong love for learning. Embrace each day with enthusiasm and dedication, knowing that your efforts are making a profound impact on the lives of these precious children.

So, gear up for an exhilarating week ahead. Let your passion shine as you embark on this noble mission, nurturing young minds, and guiding them towards a brighter future. Each day holds a world of possibilities, waiting for you to unlock the endless potential within. Embrace the journey, relish the moments, and leave a legacy of love and education that will forever be etched in the hearts of these remarkable children.

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Teaching English in Fiji

Get ready for an incredible journey as you visit the picturesque island town of Sigatoka in Fiji, where you’ll have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of children across various age groups. Your presence and dedication will be a beacon of light, guiding them towards a brighter and more promising future.

In this relaxed and welcoming environment, you’ll have the freedom to unleash your creativity and design lesson plans that align with the Fijian way of doing things. The friendly nature of the children will surround you, creating an atmosphere of warmth and openness that fosters effective learning. It’s a chance to help these young minds flourish, enabling them to grow in knowledge and confidence.

Fiji boasts a vast educational landscape, with over 700 primary schools and 150 secondary schools spanning both the public and private sectors. While most expat families opt for private schools, particularly the international schools in Sigatoka or Nadi, public schools do accept enrolment from expatriates, albeit with varying educational standards. However, parents often shy away from public schools due to concerns about limited curriculum and a lack of diversity, especially for children transitioning between different school systems. Despite these challenges, dedicated teachers in small village schools strive to serve students across a range of educational levels.

Fiji is a country in great need of external assistance, particularly when it comes to its young population. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you’ll not only form meaningful connections with the students, but also empower local teachers by introducing them to different teaching methods and techniques. Your main role will be to support the regular school teacher, and the best part is that you don’t need to have a formal teaching background. Your love for children and understanding of their behavior will be the driving force behind your impactful contributions.

At our Teaching Centre, we welcome both experienced teachers and those with little or no prior teaching experience. We’ve found that both can make a significant and worthwhile contribution to the children of Fiji. Experienced teachers will relish the freedom to unleash their creativity and design their own lesson plans, taking them back to the “good old days.” For those with less experience, our Teaching Centre provides the necessary support and guidance, offering a relaxed environment that aligns with the Fijian way of doing things, while incorporating modern teaching methods shared by seasoned educators.

It’s important to note that working with children in Fiji can be an exuberant and lively experience. Their friendly nature may sometimes manifest as overexcitement, but remember, they are children after all. Embrace their energy and let their infectious joy inspire you every day.

So, get ready to embark on this incredible journey, where you’ll make a lasting impact on the lives of these remarkable children. Let your passion for education and your love for little ones guide you as you immerse yourself in their world. Together, we can create a brighter future and shape young minds in the most extraordinary way.


Get ready for an unforgettable adventure as we dive into a week filled with boundless creativity and the joy of teaching! From Monday to Friday, you’ll have the freedom to explore your passions and share your expertise with eager primary school students in Fiji.

Whether your heart beats to the rhythm of music, the stroke of a paintbrush, or the mastery of crafts, this is your chance to make a lasting impact. As a teaching assistant, you’ll be given a customized timetable that allows you to fully immerse yourself in your chosen area of focus. It’s an opportunity to unleash your creativity and ignite a spark of inspiration in these young minds.

Each day will bring new and exciting activities, carefully curated to enrich the learning experience. You’ll find yourself planning captivating lessons that captivate the imagination and foster a love for knowledge. Dive into the world of crafts, where you’ll unlock the power of imagination and guide the students in creating their own masterpieces. Explore the realm of computers, teaching them valuable skills that will empower them in our digital age.

But it’s not just about the subjects. Engaging in meaningful conversations, both in English and their native language, will help build their confidence and broaden their horizons. As you guide them through English language lessons, you’ll witness their progress and witness the joy of communication taking root.

Prepare for exciting moments as the students tackle level exams, showcasing their growth and celebrating their achievements. But the adventure doesn’t end there. Brace yourself for dynamic activities that will have their hearts racing and their spirits soaring. From outdoor games to team-building challenges, every moment will be filled with energy and excitement.

As we embark on this incredible journey, remember to adhere to the formal dress code set by the Fijian Ministry of Education during your time in the formal teaching setting. It’s a small gesture that shows respect and helps create a positive learning environment.

So, get ready to ignite a fire of curiosity, inspire young hearts, and leave an indelible mark on their educational journey. Each day will be an opportunity to shape their future and witness the transformative power of education. Together, through your expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication, we’ll make this week an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Let’s dive into the adventure of a lifetime!

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Healthcare Project in Fiji

If you have a passion for improving health and educating the local Fijians about the importance of hygiene, then the Sigatoka Healthcare Education Project is calling your name! Join us in making a difference in the well-being of the Fiji community through this specially designed healthcare initiative.

Fiji’s overall health is generally robust, thanks to the youth’s enthusiasm for sports and early training. However, as the population ages, especially women after childbirth, obesity becomes a growing concern. Living in villages, the locals have limited knowledge of hygiene and diet, leading to various preventable health issues and easily transmitted diseases. From high blood sugar and cholesterol to hypertension and skin infections, the need for education and preventive measures is paramount.

Our healthcare education project is still in its early stages and requires the expertise of both seasoned medical professionals and individuals interested in teaching basic first-aid and personal hygiene. Given the vast differences in hygiene practices, we welcome participants from various backgrounds. We need qualified professionals to conduct health camps and dental checkups, as well as educators who can focus on teaching simple yet crucial practices like handwashing, teeth brushing, and overall cleanliness. By addressing these fundamental aspects, we can proactively prevent many avoidable health problems and easily transmitted diseases.

Whether you’re a medical professional willing to guide the project’s development or someone passionate about teaching hygiene techniques, you have a place in the Healthcare Education project. While medical expertise is valuable, it is not mandatory to join. As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to run healthcare campaigns in local schools and villages around Sigatoka. You’ll actively engage with the community, emphasizing the correct way to brush teeth, the importance of handwashing, and overall personal hygiene. By introducing these simple practices early on, we can make a significant impact on immediate and long-term healthcare outcomes. If you have a medical background, your assistance in organizing check-up clinics for local children and adults would be immensely appreciated.

Together, let’s empower the Fijian community with knowledge, support, and a healthier future. Join the Healthcare Education project and be part of the transformative journey towards improved well-being in Fiji.


In the vibrant morning hours, a friendly local doctor will meet you, eager to share their medical expertise and enlighten you about the diverse healthcare aspects and needs of the local community. This valuable knowledge will equip you for the fulfilling journey ahead.

As the sun rises higher, you’ll be whisked away to local government schools, where an exciting and engaging awareness campaign awaits. You’ll have the privilege of teaching children of different ages about health and hygiene, instilling in them the essential knowledge to lead healthy lives. From the basics of first aid to a range of other health and medical-related programs, each day will bring new opportunities to empower and educate these young minds.

But our commitment to the community extends beyond the school walls. Once a month, in collaboration with our dedicated team of local doctors, we’ll organize a special health check-up camp, a beacon of hope for the villagers. Here, you’ll witness the transformational power of compassion and healthcare in action. Free medicines and treatment will be readily available to ensure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, can access the care they need.

Together, we’ll be making a tangible impact, nurturing a healthier future for the local community. So, get ready to immerse yourself in this inspiring journey, where every day brings new connections, valuable insights, and the chance to bring smiles and wellness to those who need it most.

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Sports Education Project in Fiji

Embark on a thrilling adventure that brings together children and the captivating world of sports. Join us on a journey to this breathtaking island country, where you’ll become a coach, mentor, and guide to young athletes. This program is brimming with excitement, as you immerse yourself in the action-packed realm of sports, imparting not only physical prowess but also invaluable life lessons. Get ready to lace up your sneakers and make a lasting impact!

Welcome to our very own Sports Academy, meticulously crafted to foster a deep connection between your passion for sports and the boundless energy of eager young minds. As the sun sets, children from the neighboring community eagerly gather at our playground, ready to join their teams. Together with a local coach, you’ll provide training, honing their skills, and fueling their determination. From workouts to drills, you’ll guide them on their journey towards excellence, celebrating their progress every step of the way with well-deserved refreshments.

We believe that these aspiring athletes will one day proudly represent their country on the global stage. By instilling in them a love for sports, you’re nurturing not just their physical development but also their dreams and ambitions. We encourage you to unleash your creativity and introduce various sports-related activities tailored to the students’ ages, interests, and passions. Through your guidance, they’ll discover the power of teamwork, discipline, and resilience, skills that will shape their future.

By joining the Fiji Teaching or Sports Coaching project in Sigatoka, you’ll quickly realize that education is the key to sustainable development. As you teach in these vibrant communities, you’ll witness firsthand the transformative impact you can have on the lives of young Fijians. Sports education holds a special place in their hearts, with Rugby reigning as the most beloved sport. Whether you’re teaching sports rules, demonstrating the basics of games, organizing engaging activities, or fostering a culture of respect and fairness, your contribution will leave an indelible mark.

So, embrace this thrilling opportunity to blend your love for sports with the joy of teaching. Together, let’s unlock the potential of these young athletes, shaping them into confident, well-rounded individuals. And along the way, as you immerse yourself in Fijian life, you’ll discover the beauty of this island nation and the profound impact sports can have on shaping a brighter future.


From Monday to Friday, let the adventure begin as you step into the vibrant world of local schools. Rise and shine, for your day’s work begins at 9 a.m., immersing you in a world of wonder and discovery alongside the energetic children. Together, you’ll embark on a thrilling journey of learning and growth, as the clock ticks away until 2:30 p.m. (although, do keep in mind that the schedule may vary depending on the school’s unique timetable). Get ready to embrace each day with open arms, for the possibilities are endless and the memories unforgettable.

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Construction & Renovation Project in Fiji

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that combines physical activity, creativity, and making a tangible difference in the lives of others? Join us on this breathtaking island as we dive into a construction and renovation project that will transform the local community and bring joy to the hearts of children.

We have a noble mission—to create and renew structures that will benefit the community, particularly the school children. Imagine the satisfaction of constructing parks, playgrounds, classrooms, kindergartens, and more, all designed to enhance the lives of those who call this island home.

Our initiative was born out of the need to support the local community, especially after the devastating cyclone disaster. By providing shelter and rebuilding what was lost, we aim to restore hope and resilience. Located in the picturesque Sigatoka area, this project offers a remarkable opportunity to make a tangible difference and provide much-needed assistance to the community and schools.

Bring your carpentry skills and join hands with the local community as we embark on this construction journey together. Working side by side, you’ll witness the transformation unfold before your eyes, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those who will benefit from these new structures.

But there’s more to this project than just construction. You’ll also have the chance to lend your creativity to the surrounding landscape, painting local schools, and renovating classrooms. Many of the schools we collaborate with lack the resources to give their students an optimal learning environment. With your participation, we can change that. In fact, we’ve even built a library for a village school in the past, opening doors to knowledge and possibilities.

In Fiji, numerous families live in inadequate accommodations, and children attend school in crumbling buildings. Through our construction project, we’re offering them a chance at a better life—new, secure homes and classrooms where education can flourish. On average, you’ll dedicate about 6 hours a day to this project, investing your time and effort into something truly meaningful.

So, get ready to sweat, create, and witness the impact of your hard work. Embrace the joy of physical labor and the sense of fulfillment that comes with building a brighter future for others. Together, we’ll make a remarkable difference, one structure at a time. Let’s roll up our sleeves, grab our tools, and embark on this thrilling construction adventure that will leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Let’s dive into the exciting schedule for the week, packed with meaningful work and incredible experiences!

Monday is all about setting the stage for our project. After a delicious breakfast to fuel your energy, you’ll join the project coordinator assigned to you. Together, you’ll dive into planning, discussing the details, and gathering all the necessary information. Once the project is mapped out, it’s time to refuel with a satisfying lunch. Then, it’s off to the community location where the magic happens. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and contribute your skills and passion to the construction work. At the end of the day, you’ll return to the center and attend a meeting to share your valuable feedback on the first day of your placement. Your input matters!

From Tuesday to Friday, get ready for action-packed days. Rise and shine a bit earlier than usual, as we want to make the most of every moment. After a hearty breakfast, we’ll take you to our project site, where you’ll be assigned specific tasks for the day. Don’t worry; there will be a dedicated coordinator by your side, offering guidance and support throughout the project. Lunchtime is a well-deserved break, where you can replenish your energy and connect with fellow participants. But the day doesn’t end there! After lunch, we’ll head back to the community location, where the heart of our mission lies. Here, you’ll continue to work your construction and renovation magic, bringing new life and hope to the community.

With each passing day, you’ll witness the impact of your hard work and dedication. Step by step, we’ll be creating something extraordinary together, leaving a lasting legacy for those who need it most. So, get ready to embrace the challenges, the triumphs, and the shared sense of purpose. Let the excitement of transforming communities and making a difference fuel your days from Tuesday to Friday.

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Program Prices

1 Week: 645 Euro
2 Weeks: 815 Euro
3 Weeks: 1075 Euro
4 Weeks: 1345 Euro
+1 Week: 345 Euro

* The Construction Project has an extra fee of 75 Euro per week

With us there are NO registration or administration fees!
Plus you can easily combine the different projects.

What’s included:
Volunteer program
24/7 in-country support
In-country program orientation
Pre-departure support
Airport pick-up

Not included:
visa, flight, travel insurance, vaccinations, criminal background check, return trip to the airport, 5% international banking fee

Requirements to join:
– Participants need to be minimum 18 years old
– Participants under 16 need to join with a parent/guardian
– Participants aged 16 to 18 need to have parental consent
– Participants are required to provide a criminal background check (if unable to obtain a criminal background check, you can provide two character reference letters instead)
– Participants are required to have their own travel insurance
– You need to be able to speak and understand at least basic English

Testimonial Sarah Snook

A testimonial from Sarah Snook the famous Hollywood actress who joined our volunteer program.