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Hospitality & Tourism Internship in Thailand

Become a valued member of one of the world’s top ten hospitality industries and embark on a transformative journey to enhance your career in the realm of hospitality, all within the enchanting backdrop of an exotic destination.

Immerse yourself in the renowned hospitality brand of Thailand, renowned for its excellence in the industry, and unlock the ultimate training experience tailored to your professional aspirations. This exceptional opportunity will not only refine your existing skills, but also equip you with new knowledge and hands-on expertise. Prepare to be inspired and guided by the industry’s finest experts, as their wisdom becomes the catalyst for your extraordinary success.

Join our Immersion Internship in Thailand!

Regardless of the role bestowed upon you during this internship, rest assured that you will seize a lifelong opportunity for personal and professional growth. As you navigate this transformative experience, you will leave an indelible mark on your career trajectory, armed with unforgettable memories and a profound sense of accomplishment. With these invaluable assets, you will undoubtedly stand out wherever your future endeavors may lead you.

Location: Hua Hin, Thailand
Duration: Join from 4 weeks

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Hua Hin, Thailand

Welcome to Thailand

Hua Hin stands as a serene and captivating seaside retreat. Renowned as one of Thailand’s most beloved beach destinations, Hua Hin offers a harmonious blend of natural beauty, vibrant culture, and relaxed charm.

Feel the soft sand beneath your toes as you stroll along the stunning coastline, basking in the warm tropical breeze. Indulge in delectable seafood delights at the bustling night markets, where the aroma of freshly grilled treats fills the air. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history as you explore the iconic landmarks, including the majestic Hua Hin Railway Station and the grandeur of the Klai Kangwon Palace.

For those seeking adventure, there are opportunities for exhilarating water sports, scenic golf courses, and nearby national parks waiting to be discovered. Whether you desire a peaceful retreat or an active getaway, Hua Hin offers an idyllic escape where you can rejuvenate your senses and create lasting memories amidst its coastal beauty.

Your Arrival

Get ready for a warm welcome to Thailand! Your program begins the moment you arrive, with our airport pick-up on Sunday. To ensure a smooth transition, we’ll provide you with all the necessary arrival and contact details when you book your program. If you would be arriving earlier than Sunday then talk to our helpful support team so we can help you with that. The local team will be waiting for you, ready to transfer you to your accommodation.

internship sri lanka

The Cultural Introduction

In the initial week of our program, you will embark on an immersive journey that will shape your experience and set the stage for success. Allow us to guide you through an enlightening introduction to our comprehensive program, ensuring that you are well-prepared to embrace the unique opportunities that lie ahead.

Over the course of the first three days, we will delve into the intricacies of Thai culture, acquainting you with the cherished traditions, social norms, and the do’s and don’ts that define this remarkable country. Our aim is not only to foster your professional growth but also to immerse you in the vibrant tapestry of Thailand’s captivating heritage. Delve into the proud history and explore the awe-inspiring destinations that boast the richness of Thai heritage, for we are certain that this experience will ignite a profound love for this enchanting land.

As you transition from Thursday to Friday, a dedicated team of seasoned professionals will provide you with an academic introduction session, meticulously tailored to your specific field of interest. Here, you will have the privilege of learning from a skilled supervisor who will impart invaluable knowledge about the local industry landscape. By understanding the local situation and the dynamic developments within your chosen field, you will be equipped with the insights necessary to navigate the unique work environment and embrace the local culture with ease.

Embrace this transformative phase of your journey, where knowledge meets cultural immersion, and seize the opportunity to lay a strong foundation for your upcoming internship. Together, we will pave the way for your remarkable growth and empower you to excel in the captivating realm of hospitality.

Your Accommodation

Your accommodation is included in your package from Sunday night until Saturday morning of your last week, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable place to call home throughout your journey.

Your Internship

Hospitality & Tourism Internship in Thailand

This exclusive program offers a remarkable chance for aspiring individuals, like yourself, to gain invaluable hands-on experience in the dynamic world of hospitality. As an intern at a leading Thai hospitality brand, nestled in the breathtaking locale of Hua Hin—a coveted haven for travelers—you will have the privilege to observe and learn directly from seasoned professionals.

Under their expert tutelage, you will be entrusted with diverse responsibilities, tailored to your chosen specialization. From managing operations across various sectors and departments to attending to the meticulous details of customer service, such as reservations, seating requests, and dietary preferences, you will gain invaluable insights into the industry’s inner workings. Witness the behind-the-scenes mastery and nurture your interpersonal, technical, and managerial skills amidst the rich tapestry of a world-class hospitality environment.

From Monday to Friday, your journey within the program will unfold, filled with exciting opportunities and a diverse range of tasks that will truly immerse you in the world of hospitality.

As you embark on this enriching experience, your role and daily responsibilities will be tailored to the department you will be assigned to. Prepare to delve into the heart of operations, where you will have the privilege of shadowing supervisors and gaining valuable insights into management tasks. This firsthand observation will provide you with a deeper understanding of the intricate workings of the industry.

Additionally, you will actively contribute to the seamless management of operations across various sectors and departments. Immerse yourself in the details, as you gain invaluable experience in handling a multitude of tasks. From taking reservations and accommodating seating requests to ensuring that every guest’s dietary needs are met with meticulous care, you will be at the forefront of providing exceptional customer service.

Furthermore, your journey will take an extraordinary turn as you have the chance to impart your knowledge and skills. Engage in teaching English to the dedicated staff members at the hotel, bridging gaps and fostering an environment of growth and learning.

Please note that while this schedule serves as a framework, it is important to remain flexible. Weather conditions, local circumstances, and unforeseen events may necessitate adjustments to ensure the best possible experience for all involved. Rest assured, our team will adapt and curate an unforgettable journey, tailored to the ever-changing landscape.

Prepare to be captivated by the dynamic nature of your tasks, as each day presents new opportunities to learn, grow, and make a lasting impact in the world of hospitality.

Internship Price

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What’s included:

– Internship placement with an assigned project and a professional work environment
– English language-speaking person in the working environment plus a local language when applicable
– Guidance, Supervision, and on-the-job training
– 25 or more working hours per week
– Frequent (bi-weekly/monthly) feedback and progress sessions with the hosting company or organization
– Workplace for the intern
– Welcome and pick-up at the airport
– Accommodation close to the workplace with a comfortable environment
–  Introduction & orientation week consisting of an intro into the local culture and customs as well as an introduction to the internship placement
– Meals provided (some meals are included)
– 24-hour local support

Not included:
visa, flight, travel insurance, vaccinations, criminal background check, return trip to the airport, 5% international banking fee

Requirements to join:
– Participants need to be minimum 20 years old
– Provide your CV, motivation letter, and qualifications
– An established background in an affiliated field of study
– Participants are required to provide a criminal background check (if unable to obtain a criminal background check, you can provide two character reference letters instead)
– Participants are required to have their own travel insurance
– You need to be able to speak and understand English